Why the electric lettuce plant won’t work


An electric sander used to remove lettuce from the top of an electric lettuce factory in central China is causing the plant to fail, according to reports.

The failure of the factory, known as the Jintsu Electric Industry Development and Research Center, was first reported by China Daily on Wednesday.

The Jintsy Electric Industry, the state-owned electric utility, has been in talks with the factory’s owner to restore power and restore its operation.

China Daily reports the factory was built by Jintasy Electric Industry and was meant to replace the former Jintsep Industrial Engineering Co. in the southern province of Henan.

It was constructed in 2010 and was originally intended to replace a plant built in 2007, but it is now being run by a private company.

The plant was supposed to have 120,000 electric sasers at the time of construction.

It has been operating at the site for two years.

However, as of Wednesday, the factory had lost its electrical supply and its cooling system, according the China Daily.

The plant has been working without electricity for more than six months, according reports.

It will take months to fully restore power to the plant, according one report, and then it could be at risk of shutting down completely.

The factory is one of two in China that are considered to be “critical infrastructure.”

The state-run utility, the National Energy Administration, has not responded to CNN’s request for comment.

The company has been asked to provide details of how it came to the conclusion that the plant could not operate without electricity, but the utility has not provided any information.

Electric sander installed at Jintsi electric lettuce farm in Henan, China.

The facility is under the control of a private firm.

The Jintsa plant has suffered several serious problems since the factory began operating, according Chinese state media.

The plants electric supply system failed in June and the factory has lost power for three months.

On June 2, a large fire broke out at the plant and authorities are investigating the cause.

In July, the plant was temporarily shut down because of the fire.

electric lettuce electric sander electrical supply

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