Why BMW electric car is the next big thing


By CHRISTOPHER FERGUSONAssociated PressThe electric vehicle revolution has hit a new peak, as the automakers with the most electric power and the biggest battery capacity unveil their electric vehicles.

But that surge of electric vehicles is far from over.

A new report from the International Energy Agency warns that by 2030, about half of the world’s electric vehicle markets will be dominated by two types of vehicles: small and medium-sized electric vehicles, or SAEs, and large-capacity EVs, or LEVs.

The report said that by 2025, about 80% of the global electric vehicle market will be in either the medium- or large-size segment, with only around 15% in the medium.

A lot of that market will go to electric trucks.

The IEA report also notes that by the year 2030, almost half of all electric vehicles in the world will be smaller than 5,000 pounds, compared to roughly 1 in 10 today.

It’s a new market, one that’s seen significant growth in the past few years, and one that will only continue to grow.

In fact, the IEA says that by 2040, the proportion of the electric vehicle fleet in the large- and medium are expected to increase from less than 10% today to about 40% by 2070.

But it also says that the electric vehicles that are the most efficient are also the most popular in that segment.

They’re the smaller EVs that have a range that’s more than 1,000 miles on a charge, and are also generally the most fuel efficient.

The electric truck market in particular is a big deal.

While the number of trucks in the United States is growing by roughly 10% per year, the number that are actually being used in the U.S. is growing at a rate of about 15%.

That’s an enormous improvement compared to the 20-year average of around 5% annual growth in U.K. trucks, and it’s not likely to continue.

And even though there are some electric trucks on the road, the numbers in the small- and mid-size segments are likely to be lower than the larger segment, the report said.

In addition to the small vehicles, the big-capacity vehicle market also has an interesting future.

In the short term, it’s still unclear how quickly these technologies will catch on in the global marketplace.

But the report also warns that in the long run, the world is expected to get about 40,000 EVs per year by 2025.

That’s a lot of EVs in the next few decades, and the IEE report says that they’ll be mostly small vehicles that operate on batteries.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that these smaller EVs will all get the same kinds of features as the larger, more powerful models, but the report says they’re likely to have fewer fuel-saving features.

But if we look at the big battery segments, they’re already doing well.

The lithium-ion battery is still the largest battery market in the industrialized world.

The batteries in the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Nissan Leaf EV are also well ahead of their competitors in terms of price, battery capacity and overall power capacity.

The company has been working on developing an electric truck, and there’s even talk that a new electric car will be released by 2020.

And there’s also a new battery for the Volvo XC90 SUV.

The IEA predicts that by 2020, about 75% of all large-and-medium EVs will be made in China.

The remaining 20% will be produced in other developing countries.

China alone will produce more than 60% of electric cars worldwide by 2030.

And the report predicts that about 50% of these EVs will come from the Chinese market, as they’re currently the largest market for EVs.

But China also has a big advantage over the rest of the developing world in terms.

China has more EVs than any other country on Earth.

In fact, by 2030 the IAE predicts that China will have more than 4.5 billion EVs in use worldwide, up from about 2.5 in 2030.

That means the IEF predicts that in 2030, China will account for around 90% of global electric car sales.

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