When razor electric car takes off


BYLINE: MARIA COLLINS | 06/12/2017 04:54:00A razor electric vehicle, one of the first prototypes to appear in the wild, has captured headlines in the United States and Europe.

Razor electric scooters are a popular alternative to traditional petrol-powered vehicles but their ability to go faster and more comfortably than petrol-guzzlers has drawn scrutiny.

But while they’re an appealing concept, they’re also prone to fuel economy problems, which has made them a target for carmakers looking to cut costs.

One of the most popular models on the road in the US, the Razor electric scoot, is based on a Tesla Model S P85D with an output of about 150kW (96bhp).

But it only takes up to 100km (62 miles) to reach the destination, according to the company, which claims it can be used as a base for a range of other electric vehicles.

The model also has a range-extending motor that powers a range between 80 and 180 kilometres (50 and 70 miles) per charge, which is about 10% more than a petrol-electric hybrid.

It’s a far cry from the 400km (250 miles) of range Tesla offers for its Bolt electric sedan, which sells for about $70,000 (US$69,100).

But a Tesla spokesman said the Razor model would be the first “commercial-scale electric scooting system” and it would be designed to “offer a wide range of benefits to the public and industry”.

The company said it had secured funding for the prototype, which will be built in the UK.

It also said the company had “received extensive industry feedback and a number of public inquiries”.

“The Razor is the first commercially available system in the world to enable users to fully enjoy the benefits of a range extender, while maintaining the performance and capability of a petrol or diesel vehicle”, the spokesman said.

“The result is a vehicle that delivers significant performance, range, and economy improvements while still being attractive to users with long-range aspirations.”

The spokesman said a prototype of the system was being built in Birmingham and expected to be ready in the second half of the year.

The company has also applied for permission to build the first production Razor electric vehicle in the U.K.

In September, a company in the Netherlands announced it was building a prototype for electric scoots, called the Razor2, that would be available later this year.

But it is unclear if the Razor would be as widely used as Tesla’s Model S or Bolt, which are already on the market.

Razor is the name of a UK startup that made a prototype electric scoped scooter for the U,K.

in 2017, which was unveiled last year.

But Tesla has yet to announce any production Razor or Bolt vehicles.

razor electric scooter

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