When BMW Electric car crashes into power pole, it’s a real safety concern


When a BMW Electric Car crashes into a power pole in Sydney, the power pole will be destroyed.

Key points:The car has a range of 0.2 kilometresThe power pole was damaged in the crashIt has now been fixed and the car will be repaired on FridayThe owner of the BMW Electric Vehicle has admitted he didn’t know it was a potential dangerThe driver of the car, a 32-year-old from Brisbane, was driving the BMW EV3 to Sydney’s Southbank when the crash occurred.

“The driver got stuck in the power box and it was just going to burst and it just blew out the top and he was in the process of fixing it when he noticed a few trees on the road and that’s when he realized he had the potential hazard,” NSW Fire and Rescue spokesperson Andrew Smith said.

“He stopped the car and called the ambulance.”

It’s a very serious incident and I wouldn’t recommend driving this vehicle at any time.

“There’s no doubt this is a very dangerous vehicle and I would recommend anyone driving this type of vehicle to check the licence and vehicle registration.”

Police said the driver, a local man named Ben, was uninjured in the accident.

He was also taken to hospital to be checked for head injuries and a broken collarbone.

Mr Smith said there was no indication that the power unit in the car was the cause of the accident, but said the damage was “unlikely to be caused by the power supply”.

“If it’s not the case then we’ll have to assess it and we’ll do the necessary repairs on the weekend,” he said.

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