What’s a ‘high-tech’ electric fireplace?


A lot of people think of a fireplace as a hot water heater.

But what about a low-tech fireplace?

A new low-cost electric one that lets people have a quiet night at home with no electricity or heating.

The company behind the design, High Tech, wants to take the concept to the next level by building a high-tech, low-maintenance firebox.

“A lot of the problems we have with the old models, when people are trying to get away from home, are the same ones we have in our house,” said Mark Jablonski, a High Tech founder.

“A lot has changed in the last few years.”

High Tech is building the Firebox to meet growing demand for affordable, quiet, high-quality electric heat in homes.

Its goal is to have 100 of its models ready by 2019.

For many homeowners, that means an electric fireplace is more of a necessity than a dream.

A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly half of American households currently lack heat for winter.

And even though the U and the U-K have some of the most stringent energy efficiency standards in the world, they’re not the only places that have trouble with heating.

There’s a lot of smoke in the house, and the temperature can drop below zero during the winter months.

High tech, low maintenance fireboxes make it easier for homeowners to cool their homes and to enjoy a quiet, comfortable night at the end of the day.

To meet that demand, High Technology is building a low maintenance, low cost electric fireplace for home use that is not only affordable, but also makes it easier to maintain.

Its the first fireplace made from a lightweight composite material, and it has a patented, energy-saving design.

It has a temperature sensor that monitors the internal temperature and automatically adjusts the thermostat to keep the temperature down to keep your home cool.

The product can be easily controlled from the phone or tablet.

High Tech’s firebox design is also incredibly simple to install.

Just take the existing foam, wrap it around the back of the firebox, and put it inside the fireplace.

A heat sensor is also located at the base of the foam to automatically adjust the temperature of the wood to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

High Tech says it is also able to use a pressure plate to control the temperature, and even to turn the heat up or down.

High tech has partnered with energy company Suez to make the Fire Box, which is being manufactured in China.

The company is also working with the U of T’s School of Public Health to develop an educational video to help students and families learn about low-energy home furnishing and the products available.

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