U.S. Senate approves $1.8 billion in stimulus package, but only if lawmakers give up a few key bills


The U.N. General Assembly has approved a $1,865 billion package of U..

S.-funded stimulus for the U.A.E., which includes a $2 billion stimulus fund for the auto industry, $1 billion for the electric power sector, and $1 million for the transportation sector.

The $1 trillion stimulus package is the first to come to the U-S.

since 2009.

The measure passed by a vote of 138-14, with only 10 Democrats voting against it.

The other 17 votes were from Republicans.

The Senate approved the package with a vote Thursday afternoon after a day of heated debate on several issues, including the auto bailout, the UAW, and the auto-production tax credit.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was the only Republican to vote against the package.

The auto bailout is a key item of the stimulus package and would be a major economic stimulus package.

The auto bailout was proposed by President Barack Obama in the 2009 stimulus package in the hopes of helping the UAB rebuild and modernize the UAC auto plants.

The program was funded through a tax credit that Congress provided the UAA in exchange for keeping production of the vehicles in the UA.

The UAA is a subsidiary of General Motors.

The UAW is a labor union that represents the workers at UAB.

The union represents approximately 1,500 UAB workers.

The bailout would provide the auto workers and their representatives with some of the money they have been asking for for years.

The tax credit would go toward helping companies hire new workers.

However, the package does not include money to cover the costs of workers who lost their jobs during the auto crisis.

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