Tesla plans to add electric air pump to its lineup


Tesla plans on adding an electric air compressor to its air pump lineup.

The company revealed the news on Thursday.

“This is a first for our company,” the announcement read.

“We are thrilled to be able to announce this capability.”

Tesla will be able use the new compressor to help push air out of its air ducts and to keep air flowing faster and more efficiently.

The announcement came in the form of an official press release and the company will begin shipping the new air pump in the third quarter of this year.

The new air compressor will add to the air supply from the air pump’s intake to the interior of the cabin, where the air is sucked in.

It also helps boost efficiency and the air flow rate, which in turn reduces the amount of air that needs to be sucked in, said Chris Boggs, vice president of product marketing at Tesla.

“By using this air pump you are helping to drive the efficiency of the air-conditioning system,” Boggis said.

“So, by increasing the air pressure inside your home, you are also helping to lower your energy bills.

It’s a great benefit for people who are using the air for their own use.”

The new compressor will be used in the Model X, Model S, Model XS, X, XS and XR, according to the announcement.

In addition, the company announced that the air pack will also be available in the Tesla Model X crossover, the Model S sedan and the Tesla Roadster.

The air pump will be a premium model that starts at $5,000.

The electric air-pump is a small, single-stage compressor that uses an electric motor to drive a fan to drive air to the compressor’s air intake.

“As air is pumped out of the compressor, it’s being compressed to a very low pressure and pushed through a series of air intakes to increase the amount and volume of air being pushed through,” Boudreaux said.

The AirPump will be the first compressor to feature an onboard water cooling system.

It will also allow the AirPumps to be used for all sorts of air conditioning applications, including air conditioning for the home and for commercial and industrial applications.

“It will be an important component of our Model S lineup for sure,” said Michael Zagorsky, CEO of Zagoras Air Supply.

“In addition to delivering on our goal of having the most efficient air-supply system in the industry, it will also enable us to have a highly efficient air pump system that will allow us to improve our air quality.”

The company’s announcement comes as Tesla is also developing a new electric car that it says will have a 50-kW battery pack and “a lot more to do.”

The news is a bit surprising, considering the announcement made two months ago that the company had been working on a “significant” upgrade to its battery pack technology.

Tesla also announced that it had secured a $5.6 billion loan from the California Public Utilities Commission, the state’s utility regulator, to finance a $7 billion investment in electric vehicles.

Tesla announced the $7.5 billion investment last year.

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