The Blue Ridge Electric Company is buying up electric chainsaws and other equipment to improve supply of power in the state

Blue Ridge electric company Blue Ridge Power, Inc. is buying equipment to enhance its power generation capacity in North Carolina and is seeking bids on additional equipment to further enhance its electric power generation capability, the company announced Wednesday.In a statement, the utility said the purchase of equipment would improve Blue Ridge’s capacity to supply


How to use an electric knife sharpening kit

The tools you need to sharpen electric knives and electric pens.How to buy a knife sharpener.How much it will cost.How to get your electric razor sharpened.How sharpening blades can be made to cut through paper.What is a blade?A sharpening blade is a device that has a cutting edge.The sharpening edge is a piece of metal


How to cut pencils with electric pencil sharpeners

We’ve been all over the map when it comes to sharpening pencils.From using a high-powered pencil to the more gentle and accurate use of a standard pen.But what if you just need a little extra sharpening in your life?Well, now you can get your pencil sharpened with a new electric pencil charger.The Powerpack Sharpener (pictured)


How to avoid the electric car trap 2019

By 2020, almost every UK household will be connected to a range of electric vehicles, from the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe to the Tesla Model S and BMW i3.But the biggest change is coming from the big four, as the industry moves towards an electrified transport system.As the electrification of the transport sector slows

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