Mercedes-Benz Bimmer EV – Bimmer Electric – New Price, Features, New Features


Electric vehicle company Mercedes-Bimmer announced its latest EV, the Bimmer, in China on Thursday, March 30.

The electric car maker said the Biler will go on sale in 2021, with a price of around $45,000, and will offer a range of more than 700 miles on a single charge.

The Bimmer will also offer an optional electric parking brake.

The carmaker is also launching a new model, the Electra 2020, which will be a range-extended version of the Biver, which is expected to go on offer in 2021.

The Electra is powered by a 200-kilowatt lithium-ion battery, and comes equipped with an electric motor and a 10kW electric motor.

The two electric motors drive the rear wheels, while the electric motor in the front wheels provides power to the wheels.

Mercedes-bimmer will offer two models of the Electras, the 200kW Electra, which costs $65,990, and the 400kW Electric, which starts at $95,990.

Mercedes is expected start producing its Electra in 2019, and is already planning to launch the new Electra and Electra Sport in 2020.

Mercedes has a lot to celebrate in 2021: it’s also expected to introduce the first electric passenger car, the E-Class, which the company said would be the most affordable electric vehicle.

It’s also aiming to make a range extender, a feature that it says will allow it to get away from diesel-powered vehicles.

The company is also planning to release a new all-electric car, called the B-Class.

The new car will be available in 2021 and be available with a range up to 400 miles on an electric charge.

Mercedes also plans to release the Electro, a plug-in hybrid that it claims will be the first fully electric car.

The German automaker has not said how much it plans to charge its electric vehicles, but it is expected that it will sell them for around $15,000 to $20,000.

The battery in the new Bimmer is the largest electric battery in history, according to the company.

The batteries in the current generation of the BMW i3 are the largest lithium-polymer batteries ever used in a vehicle.

The BMW i4 will be one of the first models with a fully electric battery.

Mercedes said that its electric electric vehicles will be more fuel-efficient than diesel vehicles, which are expected to have the lowest CO2 emissions per vehicle, according the company’s annual report.

The report says that Mercedes plans to make its EVs more fuel efficient by replacing conventional diesel engines with electric ones in 2019.

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