How to fold a bike electric in seconds


You may have to do it by hand, but folding a bike is pretty easy. 

But you can fold an electric bike, too. 

Here are some tips to get the job done, if you’re not a regular user of electric bikes.


Take a foldable charger and charge up the bike When it comes to folding electric bikes, the only way to charge is by using a fold-up charger. 

This is the most common fold-down charger on the market and is easy to carry around. 

However, this charger requires a bulky electric bike and it doesn’t fold. 

So if you can’t carry a fold up charger with you, you’ll need to buy a second foldable charging device. 

You can use a USB-C-to-USB-C cable to charge your electric bike This cable is cheap, compact and a great way to take your electricbike with you on long journeys. 

It’s a good option for people who prefer to keep their electricbike charged up at home. 


Use a foldy charger You can also charge your bike using a regular electric charger or USB-A. 

The most popular type of USB-powered charger is USB-to USB-V, so it’s ideal for folding electric bicycles. 

With a USB port, you can charge up your electric bicycle with your smartphone or tablet. 

USB-A chargers are great for electric bicycles, because they’re small and foldable. 


Use an electric battery pack to charge the electric bike The battery pack is a must for folding bicycles because it’s easy to store and charges in less than a minute. 

If you’re using a standard battery pack, the battery will take up space in the bike’s basket and it will not fit into the frame of the bike. 

Using an electric bicycle battery pack means you can keep the bike powered on for a longer period of time and charge it at home in the shade. 


Use the battery pack as a stand-alone charger When you’re folding your electric bicycles with a foldin’ charger, you’re still using an electric power supply. 

A battery pack works like a battery, but instead of having an internal circuit, it’s made up of a number of separate circuits, each of which has its own power source. 

Each of these circuits then connects to a power source, and if you want to charge it, you simply plug it into the foldin-powered charging circuit. 


Use power strips to charge and charge your electricity bicycle If you’re on a journey and want to save money, you could charge your bicycle at home with a pack of power strips. 

These power strips can charge a bicycle from a single USB port and charge all your other electric bikes from a second USB port. 

Power strips are perfect for folding your bikes because they fold up and they can charge from a central location. 


Make a fold out electric bike kit This folding electric bicycle kit is ideal for those who like to have the option to charge their electric bike at home as well as charge their bikes from the street. 

By using the foldout charging circuit, you won’t need to pack your electric bikes up in a box. 

When you fold your electric cycle, the foldouts can be mounted to the top of your bicycle or even folded out, which is convenient if you don’t have a bike rack on your bike.


Use fold out charging circuit to charge electric bikes at homeYou can charge your bikes using foldout chargers or power strips and charge them at home using the power strips or foldout charger.

The foldout circuit can be used to charge a standard electric bicycle from the USB port or to charge an electricbike from the standard USB port of an electric vehicle. 


Use electric bike charging cord to charge A foldout electric bike charger is perfect for charging your electricbikes from the side. 

Your electric bike will charge from the charger’s USB port on its own, and it can also be charged from a foldout charge unit. 


Use charge pad to charge – foldout or foldin There are many foldout and foldin chargers available to charge any electric bike from the rear. 

They fold up for easy storage, fold down to charge from your own USB port for quicker charging, and fold into a charging basket when charging from the road. 


Use charging basket to charge bicycles from the groundUp to two foldout, foldout-charging or fold-out charging units can be installed to charge both your electric and non-electric bikes from your local garage. 

Once you’re finished charging your bike, simply unpack the foldable charge unit from the basket and charge the bicycle at the same time. 


Charge your electric motorcycle from the bike rack When folding your bicycle, you might want to fold your bike into a bicycle rack. 

Folding a bike into

folding electric bike

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