Honda Electric Car Is Better Than a Mercedes-Benz or Tesla


The electric car that could become a reality by 2025 has already sold out of preorders, but the company behind the concept says it could soon have even more demand for its concept electric car.

In the latest episode of The Hill, John Moxon of the electric car company Electric Cooler said it’s already sold 4,000 units of its electric car for a price of $35,000.

That compares to a $100,000 Tesla Model S sedan that sells for $80,000, and the Chevy Bolt that sells at $50,000 in North Carolina.

Moxon told the Hill that the electric vehicle could go into production in 2025.

“The Tesla and the Bolt have come and gone,” he said.

“I think it’s going to be more of a global thing.

And the electric cars that we have today, they’re only going to make up a small percentage of sales.”

Electric Cooler has sold 2,000 of its Model S electric cars in the last month.

The company expects that figure to grow in the coming months.

Mithun Chand, chief technology officer at Electric Coolers, said the company plans to sell its electric vehicle as soon as 2020.

“We think we can start production in 2021, probably sooner,” he told The Hill.

Electric Coolers plans to have its Model E electric vehicle ready to roll out in 2021.

The Hill asked Chand about his company’s financial results and how it’s able to keep its head above water, without having to raise its financing.

“Our cash position is pretty good,” Chand said.

He said that the company has about $10 million in cash and $10.5 million in short-term investments.

“It’s a very tight-knit team,” Chand added.

“There are a lot of people in the company, and we have a great team that’s been able to pull it off.”

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